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tri-scbun 7 L | L mie & [FPLN 




1/10 SEC. 




4 Separate Games to Play! 

Every Tri-Screen Time & Fun offers you 4 exciting games to choose from. 
You can play a separate game on each of the three screens, or play a 
marathon game that lets you try to make your way through all three screens, 
one after another. + 

Get Ready! 

1) Insert 2 batteries (LR43 or SR43) with 
"+" sign up as shown in diagram. 

2) Insert pen or paper clip in ACL opening. 

3) Check to see that all patterns are displayed 
on screen. 


Get Set! 

Select game "A", game "B", game "C" or game "ABC" by pressing 

"GAME" button until desired selection appears in screen. A high score will 
be displayed, then musical tones will sound. After this the game will begin. 


Move the diver by pressing the "DIRECTIONAL" button on the bottom 
left of the unit to avoid sharks, swordfish and devil rays in the bottom 
screen. Use the "SHOOT-HIT" button to shoot spears in the middle screen. 
Use the "SHOOT-HIT" button to throw punches in the top screen. 

Game "A" 

You are a diver, trying to get near a sunken treasure ship. But monster fish. 

are standing guard and you find yourself under attack from sharks, devil 

rays and deadly swordfish almost as soon as you appear. You have to be 

quick and smart to make your way through these dangers. 


10 points for every dangerous fish avoided. 

10 points for moving backward. 

Game over 

Any of these fish can put an end to you. If you are caught three times, the 

game is over. 

Game "B" 

You are attacked by giant squids and must shoot them with your speargun. 

It's not as easy as it sounds. Wild sea horses keep getting in the way of your 

shots. If you make it through this danger, a gigantic octopus lies in wait, 
holding a poor defenceless little fish in the same crushing grip that he will 
soon hold you. Don't get too close, he can squirt a nasty poison that kills 
at the slightest touch. Use the "SHOUT" button to shoot, and the "DIREC- 
TION" button to move to better positions. 

Get 30 points for every giant squid you shoot. 
20 points for shooting the sea horse. 
50 points for winning the game if you shoot the squid 3 times. 

Game over 

Both the squid and the octopus shoot out deadly posion. If it hits you three 
times, you are finished. 
Game "C" 

Now you have to deal with the gigantic octopus face-to-face, with your bare 
hands. But be careful. You only have two hands. He has eight! You have to 
hit him 10 times to make him fall down, but he only has to hit the diver 5 
times. Use the "HIT" button to punch the Octopus. Use the "DIRECTION" 
button to raise or lower Diver's punching hand. 


You get 10 points every time you slug the octopus. 
50 points for knocking the octopus down. 

Game Over 

The octopus packs a powerful punch. Every time Diver is hit 5 times, he will 
be knocked down. If he's knocked down three times, the octopus won. 

Game "ABC" 

Begin at the bottom screen and work your way through all the games des- 
cribed above. Same scoring applies. The game is over when the diver has 
been cought a total of three times in any or all screens. 
Game over 

After a game is finished, this unit will return to "TIME 1" mode within 30 
seconds unless another game is selected. 

Silent Running 

To play games without the giveaway musical tones and game noises, simply 
push the SOUND OFF ( ^5 OFF) button after you select the desired game. 

Time functions 

Your Tri-Screen Time & Fun has 5 time functions. Time 1, Time 2, Alarm, 

Date and Stopwatch. To view a specific mode, push the "TIME" button 

until the appropriate function appears. 

Time 1 

Quartz accurate timing, this mode can be used as a watch. 

C *"i • ~t n am ^ 

I TIME1 C'L. « I 


Display Time 1 mode. Press "SET" button with the tip of a pen until 

"Time 1" sign flashes. Press bottom right button to set minutes. Press 

bottom left directional button to set hour. Press "SET" button to end 

setting. Make sure "Time 1" sign ceases to flash. 

Time 2 

Useful for keeping track of the exact time in another time zone. 

ri Too ^ 

TIME2 ' «•'- U PM | 


Display TIME 2 mode. Press SET button until "Time 2" sign flashes. Set 

time in same manner as for "Time 1". 


Use as a wake-up system or as a reminder for important appointments. 

r~ i ~i.n n am ^ 


Display ALARM mode. Press "SET"button until "ALM"sign flashes in screen. 
Set alarm time in same manner as for "Time 1" and "Time 2". Stop alarm 
sound by pressing any game key. 

Cancel alarm 

Press "Alarm Off" button ( "T OFF) while the unit is in alarm setting 



Measure time accurately to nearest 1/10 sec. 

( ™ n7T~TiF7 ^ 


• Display Stopwatch mode (CHR) by pressing "TIME" button until 'CHR' 
appear in screen. 

• Start time by pressing "CHR START" button. 

• Display Lap time by pressing "CHR LAP" button. 

• Continue Lap time by pressing "CHR LAP" button again. 

• Stop time by pressing "CHR STOP" button. 

• Reset to zero by pressing "CHR RESET" button. 


Displays day and month. 

Date setting 

Display date mode. Press "SET" button until "Date" sign flashes. Set month 

with left directional button on bottom of unit. Set day with right hand button. 


Power source: Button cell (2 x LR43 or 2 x SR43) 

Battery life: Time display only: 4 months One hour game per day: 3 months 

Operating Temperature: 1 0°C — 40°C 


Avoid extreme temperatures such as freezing or direct sunlight. 

Do not subject unit to heavy shock. 

Do not use thinner to clean screen. 

Do not press heavily on display screen. 

©1982 VTL Made in Hong Kong